You might not connect client satisfaction with fee-earning – but here at LegallyBetter, we do.

This short introduction explains the commercial opportunities for your law firm that LegallyBetter can offer.


There are commercial opportunities that can open up for your firm just through talking to existing clients. Too many law firms and solicitors take their clients for granted or pay lip service to client feedback - they don’t take the time to understand what their clients really think about them. 

In our experience clients are happy to tell a third party views they won’t tell their law firm or solicitor directly. And when it comes to client satisfaction if you identify the issues, and then act on them, the outcomes can include:

  • improved fee income
  • improved client relations and retention
  • lower costs
  • an improved reputation.

LegallyBetter law firms take client satisfaction seriously and can choose from a range of services to suit their needs from those generating client testimonials and solicitor reviews, client telephone interviews, in-depth client case studies, through to client care programmes.   


If you don’t know what you don’t know about your clients and what they think of you, now is the time to find out with LegallyBetter’s ‘Client insight’ pilot offer to law firms.

How? We call 10 of your clients - selected by you - to get their feedback on your service.  To get the most valuable information we recommend you select a cross-section of clients. Their comments can remain anonymous or be attributed to them. You can then respond personally to those who are happy to be contacted. 

How much? An initial investment starts at £399.  Our research partners are either governed by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and/or registered under the Data Protection Act.

To take advantage of this opportunity to improve your business performance, please call LegallyBetter today on 01606 800201. Remember – the truth is out there. 

Businesses and Individuals - are you looking for the right solicitor?

The best and quickest way to find a good solicitor that is right for you is to listen to satisfied customers here at LegallyBetter. You don’t need to register, just fill in the search details at the top of this page and you can search straight away to find a solicitor.

Looking for a solicitor can be a time consuming and confusing business with long lists of law firms and solicitors in local phone directories and directory web sites not helping. At LegallyBetter, just type in your postcode and see what people who have used solicitors are saying about them. Our site contains solicitor reviews and solicitor ratings from actual clients.

We have law firms covering a comprehensive range of legal issues including consumer law and business law.

Law firms on the site do not pay a referral fee to us and we do not recommend specific law firms or give your details to any law firm. The final choice is up to you.

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