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I think for us the biggest thing that stood out was how useful it was to do the exercise; often we get some good feedback from our clients and we always ask them to do feedback forms, so we're used to getting good feedback, but it was good to...
Emma, thank you for your extremely positive feedback.
Name:Emma Kersey
Job Title:Head of Growth & Client Services
Company:Elation Experts
Service(s) Provided: Marketing & Sales, Client Engagement
Burgis & Bullock are efficient and professional. I've been with them for more than 25 years. I highly recommend Burgis & Bullock and have recommended them to friends who have struggled to find a decent accountant. I've been with...
Name:Sucha Bansal
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Property Development and Rental
Company:Banban Ltd/Haiban House Ltd/Vertical Homes Ltd
Town:Sutton Coldfield
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Audit, Personal Tax & Finance
Keates and Co provide a first-class service. Having had experience in a number of start-up companies I have used the services of a range of accountants, from large to small practices. The personal service and attention to detail, as well as moral...
Name:Stuart Hall
Job Title:Owner
Company:Fortress Radio
Service(s) Provided:
All members of the team are professional and personal at the same time. Everyone we deal with on a regular basis knows our business and how we work. Nothing is a problem for the team to sort out and they all generally go the extra mile to be...
Great to hear that we are providing you with an high standard of service. Thank you Sara for...
Name:Sara Wilkins
Job Title:Director
Sector:Market Research
Company:Researchcraft Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax
I like the fact that Burgis & Bullock are quite corporate, but personal; I feel they're big enough to cope but small enough to care. The biggest benefit has been the technology that they have implemented into their business; they're...
Thank you Nicole for your encouraging words. Getting the balance right between being a large...
Name:Nicole Markham
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Sales & Marketing
Company:Sales Bond Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Bookkeeping & VAT, Payroll
Two main things stand out about Burgis & Bullock; I have a dedicated person who looks after my day to day affairs, particularly PAYE, and the other key factor is that they use Xero and are able to support me with anything I need when it comes...
Thank you David. It is so nice to see that you are happy to recommend us to other people in need...
Name:David Hall
Job Title:Owner/Director
Sector:Printing Services
Company:Harvest Communications Ltd
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Audit, Tax Planning, Payroll
Proactive..personal..and very efficient... Nigel Maull is outstanding.
Name:Barry Iskander
Job Title:Director
Sector:abs pottery imports limited
Company:ABS Pottery Imports Limited
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Payroll, Personal Tax & Finance
I deal with Trevor Day and have done for over 20 years. He comes to me and it's all good. Burgis & Bullock do my accounts, which is what they're there for. My last accountant unfortunately died so I was recommended to Burgis &...
Peter, your kind comments are very much appreciated. Working together for 25 years must say that...
Name:Peter Morton
Job Title:Owner
Company:The Morton Partnership
Service(s) Provided: Accounts & Tax, Cloud Accounting, Business Coaching, Audit, Tax Planning, Bookkeeping & VAT, Personal Tax & Finance
Re the Covid-19 situation, Dale, thank you very much; the resources that you have been sending through are very helpful and we have been sharing them with our ConsultingRoom members. ...
Thank you Ron for your wonderful comments. The COVID-19 situation has been a difficult time for...
Name:Ron Myers
Service(s) Provided: Accountancy, Accountancy
I like that I know who I'm talking to and the fact that I can pick up the phone and speak to the person I need to speak to directly, and they're always friendly and helpful. Working with Burgis 7 Bullock has been extremely beneficial...
Hi Angela, your comments are greatly appreciated. Having personal contacts and a direct...
Name:Angela Bourchier
Job Title:Company Secretary
Sector:Motor Vehicle Service, Repair, and MOT
Company:Moserve (Rugby) Limited
Service(s) Provided: Cloud Accounting, Accountancy