Bhogal Partners

174 High Street
TW3 1BQ Hounslow , Middlesex
United Kingdom
Middlesex GB
020 8572 9867
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A Mix of B2B and B2C
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Established for over 17 years, we are a dynamic and trusted name in the legal profession offering a broad range of legal services for both businesses and individuals. The founding and Senior Partner, Kenny Bhogal has through his constant enthusiasm and relentless drive, built a loyal network of clients ranging from the local community, beyond West London and internationally. The result is a modern, unique and forward-looking law firm with a strong combination of skills and resources.

At Bhogal Partners, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with a personal and high quality of service designed to meet their individual legal and financial requirements. We consider ourselves different in that we spend time and effort with our clients to provide a solution within the legal framework rather than seeing it only as a fee earning exercise.

Over the years, we have been instructed on several high profile matters which have resulted in wide media coverage and these are now being used as precedent cases. We are proud of this achievement.

We have a highly motivated and experienced legal team who are very knowledgeable in the areas of law that they specialise in. The team has considerable experience in dealing with clients’ sensitively in complex and sensitive matters.

Whilst we consider ourselves expert in legal matters, we do not forget that we dealing with people who may find the law process complex and difficult to understand. Consequently, our ability to converse in several languages gives us an effective interface which assures our clients that we understand their concerns and this facilitates and simplifies the legal process.

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