Burgis & Bullock Accountants Cure Valley House’s VAT Headache

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Many people think that registered charities are exempt from paying VAT. This is a misconception. In fact, a charity’s VAT affairs are immensely complicated. They often require the expertise of an accountant with specialist knowledge of the VAT legislation and how it affects not-for-profit organisations. That’s why Valley House, a registered charity in Coventry, went to Burgis & Bullock when they need help with their VAT affairs.

Valley House
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Valley House have been helping vulnerable people for over 40 years

Valley House helps vulnerable and isolated individuals and families in Coventry. Often these are people struggling with issues such as homelessness, depression and unemployment. Founded in the late 1970s by a group of volunteers, Valley House was originally established to help young people in the area who were struggling and getting into trouble. Their concept was that with access to emergency housing, these young people could be supported and given the opportunity to change their lives. With the support of the local council who gave them a property in Valley Road, Coventry, Valley House was born. Today Valley House provides an extensive range of services to disadvantaged people in the community.

Valley House needed expert advice

Valley House approached Burgis & Bullock Accountants to help them resolve the VAT issues involved with housing contracts, and to support them with their negotiations with HMRC. Lee Pettifor, Valley House’s Director of Finance and Resources explained how Burgis & Bullock helped. “Compared to the accountant we had previously they're brilliant. The one we used before was very small so they didn't have the specialisms we needed whereas Burgis & Bullock do.”

Burgis & Bullocks specialism in charities was a winner

Burgis & Bullock are VAT specialists with specialist knowledge of not-for-profit organisations. These include charities, professional and sporting associations, trade unions and other not-for-profits. Charities and other non-profit making organisations are often partially exempt from VAT. This helps them reduce their VAT liability, but the legislation is complicated and ‘subtle’. The Burgis & Bullock VAT specialists help with negotiations and have a track record in helping these not-for-profits recover much needed money from HMRC.

Lee Pettifor summed up the Burgis & Bullock service by saying, “Burgis & Bullock are very accessible, and come back to us quickly on any queries that we've got. They're always very knowledgeable or they will find out if they don't know. They've certainly provided us with the knowledge that we now have in house.”

Lee Pettifor
Job Title:
Director of Finance and Resources
Support Services (Charity)
Valley House