Effective Collaboration Identifies Service Shortcomings

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Effective collaboration identifies service shortcomings

Marketing consultants Find a Creative Pro pride themselves on their high standards and delivering an ROI to their clients. But they needed a way to independently evaluate the ‘client perception’ of the businesses they were working with. Two of these businesses had problems, but the difficulty was in defining exactly what these problems were. That’s where Inquir3 client engagement surveys came in.

Helen Forsyth, Find a Creative Pro’s Strategy Director, explained why they chose Enquir3. “Enquir3 made it easy for me as a consultant to recommend the client engagement process to my clients, because of their level of understanding; the fact that they know what they're doing and they can demonstrate easily how it would benefit us. I was able to reassure my clients that Enquir3 make it really easy for them not to fail, from the ease of the system, to the ready-made templates, someone is there to hold your hand all the way.”

Two engagement surveys have been carried out to date. Both were successful in identifying the problem areas that had not previously been identified. Company A had been over-promising on their service delivery and were unable to fulfil their promises. Company B had logistical problems coupled with operational structure issues. By identifying these problems accurately, the Find a Creative Pro team was able to start working with their clients to make the necessary changes.

The process was painless for the businesses involved. A spokesperson for one of the companies which took part in the project explained. “It was just so easy in that Enquir3 just looked after the whole process for us and we didn't really have to get involved. The process greatly benefited us because we didn't realise that some clients were unhappy, and as a result we've put some things into place because of that.”

After the successful conclusion of the first two projects, Helen identified ways in which Enquir3’s service could be tailored to better meet their particular needs. She is now working closely with Enquir3 to further develop their systems to create a bespoke model for future use. She summed up the benefits of the client engagement project by saying, “I specialise in strategic marketing for clients i.e. ROI, which you can't do unless you have a full understanding of why customers buy; which makes this data analysis absolutely critical. This is the key mapping tool that I need to work effectively with my clients.”

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