Problems? Romi Machines UK Turned to Burgis and Bullock for help...

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Romi Machines UK Ltd, the UK arm of Brazil’s largest machinery manufacturer regret being tempted by a ‘low-cost’ offer.  Having tried the competition, poor service and other issues saw them turn to Burgis and Bullock for Audit, Accounting and Compliance Support when their pervious Accountant let them down.

Romi Machines UK Ltd
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Romi Machines UK Ltd – Specialist Injection Moulding Machinery Manufacture, Sales and Support.

Romi Machines UK Ltd is the UK arm of Brazil’s largest machinery manufacturer.  They are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of specialist injection moulding machines in Europe.  The company is expanding rapidly in the UK and Europe.  They are committed to providing excellent after sales care for all their machines and stock a huge number of spare parts so the equipment they sell can be maintained and downtime avoided.

Established in 1975 as Sandretto UK, they have sold and service over 3,000 specialist injection moulding machines. Their expertise enables them to deliver complete solutions from planning to installation. Their products are low cost, maximise up time and have low energy consumption providing the perfect solution for every day workshop needs.

Poor Audit Quality, Lack of Traceability Records and Lost Working Papers… Just some of the problems.

These were just some of the issues Marcel Machado, the General Manager of Romi Machines UK Ltd had to contend with when, understandably, they were tempted by the promise of ‘quality service and lower prices’.  Fortunately for Romi Machines, Marcel knew when things were not going as well as they should.

A good Audit protects everyone; however, it relies on robust systems and processes, a minimum requirement is good working papers and traceability.  When Marcel realised this was missing, he was swift to take action and address the situation by changing Accountants as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Marcel knew exactly where to turn...

Having Experienced Burgis and Bullock’s Service Levels, the Solution was Obvious.

Having previously used Burgis and Bullock’s Audit services, Romi Machines and Marcel were fortunate in knowing where to go to for the expert guidance, professionalism and attention to detail they needed.

Wendy Hubbard, Senior Partner at Burgis and Bullock heads up the Corporate Services division, including audit and business advice for local and international companies as well as charities and not for profit organisations.

Wende’s expertise and first-hand experience and a particular focus on the engineering and manufacturing sector, allowed her to offer practical and technical advice whilst sharing invaluable insight with Romi Machines UK Ltd.

In Wende’s words: “We are delighted to be working with Romi Machines UK Ltd to audit their accounts and help with corporate finance planning”. 

Services Provided to Romi Machines UK Ltd.
  • Audit
  • Accounting
  • Compliance
  • Advice
What Would Marcel Say to Anyone Else Whose Accountants Are Not Delivering What is Required?

“we did try another accounting company but found Burgis & Bullock to be more personable, flexible and committed to our needs.”

“On the audit side, we used another company and they just couldn't deliver the same level of service as Burgis & Bullock.  The audit was done poorly, they didn't have good traceability records, and they lost the working papers.  So, we moved back to Burgis & Bullock.  You get what you pay for”.

Marcel Machado
Machinery Importer
Romi Machines UK Ltd