Eurocom Solutions Ltd

Gladwell House
6 Hitchin Rd
SG17 5JA Shefford , Bedfordshire
United Kingdom
Bedfordshire GB
01462 851195
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between 6 and 10
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<p><em>Telephone Cost Management, Telephone System Capacity Management, Telephone System Fraud Prevention, Telephone System Service Level Analysis</em></p>
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Eurocom Solutions Ltd (ESL) has over twenty years of experience providing Call Management services, using bespoke hardware and software specifically designed to be centrally managed.

Our dedicated development in designing, building and applying Call Management products enables ESL to react to changes in the industry both quickly and efficiently.

Eurocom Solutions is conveniently located in Shefford, Bedfordshire with good access to London and the Northern Home Counties. This does not however limit the scope of service as ESL have been providing services to many countries across Europe, USA and Africa.

A network of high-speed computers based at our secure data management centre collect, analyse and report 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring delivery of high quality information.

Dedicated to the provision of Telephone Call Management Services, ESL employs an experienced team of staff, who have created a suite of over 350 reports designed to compliment your business requirement. In addition to this ESL's ability to produce bespoke reports ensures that monitoring and presenting data is made as simple, but as comprehensive, as possible.

An impressive but far from exhaustive list of different telephone exchange manufactures that have been successfully monitored by ESL include; Alcatel, NT Meridian, Avaya, Siemens ISDX, Mitel SX, Nortel, Tradenet (IPC), Hicom, Philips, Sopho, Ericson, Omni and Panasonic. Since ESL writes all management software in-house we are able to create translation software as required and not just rely on templates or set outputs.

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