Consumers and Law Firm Clients

What happens to my law firm review and ratings once I submit them?

Once you have submitted your Solicitor Review, your Review and Ratings are sent electronically to Legallybetter for processing on the site. Your personal details are held securely on our database and these are not passed on to any business or third party except the law firm you have reviewed.

Can I submit feedback for a law firm that is not already on the site?

Yes and we would welcome reviews and ratings about these law firms and local solicitors. We want to cover all local areas in the country so the more local solicitors we have the better enabling visitors to compare solicitors and find a solicitor in most postcode areas.

Why do you need my contact name and email details?

These details are important for verifying that your feedback is genuinely yours. Your comments and ratings could have a positive influence on the standards of a law firm and help them improve their service. In some instances we, or the law firm, may want further information about your experience with them, and Legallybetter will contact you for your permission to talk to you. These measures are to protect the integrity of the site so that users can trust that the comments listed are genuine.

What if I want to make a formal complaint about a law firm or legal representative?

Legallybetter is not a site to replace a law firm's formal complaints procedures. If you want to make a formal complaint you should contact the law firm or legal representative directly.

Searching to Find a Solicitor

How can I be sure that a consumer review on the site is genuine?

Legallybetter is committed to ensure genuine reviews are represented on the site through Legal Stars and consumer comments. It is very important to Legallybetter that feedback can be verified for future consumers and all law firms present on the site. There are security monitors in place to review consumer reviews and comments (please refer to the terms and conditions) allowing Legallybetter to protect the consumer, the law firm and the site's integrity. Legallybetter will take swift action if any evidence of misuse is identified

Are all law firms on the site?

The site has details of over 5,000 law firms and solicitors but not every entry also has reviews and ratings.

I have not found any law firms in my local area. Am I doing the search incorrectly?

There may be some specific geographical areas and some practice areas not yet covered by Legallybetter law firms or local solicitors. However, the law firm search will still find the nearest law firms and local solicitors to you so it is still worth undertaking a search.

Who Owns Legallybetter and how is it funded?

Legallybetter is independently owned by four individual shareholders. Law firms can join the site for free. Revenue comes from optional associated and added-value services offered, e.g. client feedback services and client care services for law firms/legal providers. Law firms on the site do not pay a referral fee to us and we do not recommend specific law firms or give your details to any law firm. The final choice is up to you.