Green Umbrella

35 Eastern Way iCon Innovation Centre
NN11 1JX Daventry , Northamptonshire
United Kingdom
Northamptonshire GB
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I ran a successful recruitment agency for many years. Business was good but it was when I started to use social media that’s when the business took off to the extent that I was able to sell it to a major national chain in March 2010. I was now not only a great recruiter, but I had also mastered a new skill…. Social Media!

Green Umbrella was originally launched in December 2009 and was created to run a single series of workshops to generate enough money to buy a Camp-let Trailer Tent…. a what I hear you ask? Yes, after spending the last 12 months having fun in a 4 man tent with my daughter (hubby refuses to go camping!), I decided to upgrade and go for an all singing, all dancing trailer tent. Matt (hubby), said to me “Julia, I will not let you take the money from the business for a fad, but I am happy for you to buy a trailer tent if you raise the money yourself! CHALLENGE JULIA…. Green Umbrella was launched.

After selling my agency, I have now had the time to focus on what I do best… connecting people to create business.

For those of you who know me well, will understand that I am a technology enthusiast, gadgets and general geeky stuff… coupled with good business acumen, a head for marketing and the desire to see others succeed in business, I knew that Green Umbrella was the way forward.

By the way – We now have a very posh caravan!

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