How Representative are Your Reviews?

As part of our commitment to further enhance the validity of reviews of participating law firms listed on the LegallyBetter site we will be introducing a new rating to help potential clients assess how representative the feedback displayed is.

In addition to an ‘average client satisfaction rating %’ and ‘the % of clients that would recommend this law firm’ we are working towards showing ‘the % of their clients that have provided a review’. This measurement to will help site visitors assess how representative the feedback displayed is to the likely experience a client would receive from that firm.

Initially this will be a voluntary commitment by our participating law firms but, as outlined elsewhere, our collaboration with law firms is based on changing attitudes to client feedback and specifically their attitudes to negative reviews.  LegallyBetter’s commitment to best practice techniques for client feedback and the presentation of that feedback should result in reputational and subsequent commercial benefits for participating law firms.

The law firm will be requested to keep a record of the number of feedback requests that they send out. Ideally this would be logged intheir case management system - or indeed sending a client feedback questionnaire from there. The latter is a development that LegallyBetter is actively involved in.

In terms of what constitutes a representative level of feedback we suggest that if only 1% of requests for feedback are received then more effort needs to be made. A 5% response rate is an improvement; feedback from over 10% of a law firm's clients is certainly a more accurate representation. Over 20% we suggest is an aim for all law firms. Some may already receive a higher volume of feedback than this, but we are in dialogue with participating law firms to assess on an on-going basis what is a realistic percentage that a client could consider representative