Her divorce may have been finalised 22 years ago, but Kathleen Wyatt has won her appeal in the Supreme Court against her ex-husband. She argued that her claim for a lump sum from her ex-husband should not have been ‘struck out’ by the Court of Appeal, despite the fact that her application was made over 20 years after her divorce was completed. The Supreme Court decided that there is no statutory time limit for seeking a financial order following a divorce. When they divorced in 1992 there were no significant assets or income to deal with but her ex-husband has since become the sole shareholder in a multi-million pound renewable energy business.


What this means is that if one of the parties in the divorce makes money at a much later date after the divorce itself then they could be faced with a claim from their ex, if there was no clear financial settlement at the time of the split. Could this lead to a batch of claims from ex-spouses who failed to obtain a financial settlement at the time the divorce was finalised?


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