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How I can help

“I am so grateful to you for all your support and patience.”

If you have been involved in an accident which has caused injury and loss, the last thing you need is complicated legal jargon and impersonal advice.

I set up Mark Thompson Law with a unique policy not to take on more cases than can be sensibly handled. That means I will give close personal attention for you and your case.

Call for help without obligation on 0330 2231708 or 01392 314086

My role as a solicitor is to help you put things right so far as the law allows.

I believe you need honest and straightforward advice. I will sympathise with you and your situation, and at the same time you will appreciate the need for a  businesslike approach. You need a clear view of your chances of success, how much compensation you are entitled to receive, who will pay, and the time scale.

I will explain how legal costs are paid, and how you can be protected from financial risk. I am happy to act on a “no win no fee” basis, under what is called a conditional fee agreement.

My view is that compensation is yours, and I will not seek a share of that compensation. I will make sure you understand.

The more I can learn about you, the more I can help. I prefer to meet you personally, at your home rather than at my desk. You will feel more comfortable, and the information I need will be close at hand. I deal with clients all over the country and geography is not a problem.

What have you to lose by contacting me for a chat on 0330 2231708 or 01392 314086.

Bringing the case to a successful conclusion is my aim, and I can help along the way. Making sure you are receiving State benefits and proper support from your employer can make a great difference. Rehabilitation can often be obtained without cost and I will investigate all avenues with you. I will also help you understand any insurance policies you have which may help you such as permanent health and medical insurance.

Terminology can be a problem when you deal with a specialist. I will do my very best to avoid it, but if I cannot help myself, do just ask. You can see explanations of the terms used in accident and industrial disease personal injury cases on the terminology page.

The need to seek compensation always arises from difficult circumstances. Nobody wants to have to claim compensation. You will need help and want to know where you stand.  I am more than willing to discuss your case without obligation or cost.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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