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Legally Better Quality Badges


Legally Better Quality Badges or ‘Widgets’ for short are free to use and provide a superb way to demonstrate that your business takes feedback and client satisfaction seriously.

There are a range of widgets available and you may use any or all of these in various ways on as many of the pages of your website as you wish.

This is a simple way to get more out of your listing on Legally Better, it’s free, it’s quick and easy to setup and it really makes your business stand out from the competition.

The Widgets can be used alongside the FRB3 Plug In API or on FBR3 sites.

Widgets ‘read’ the information that is published on the Legally Better website to display a summary of your feedback on your own website.

All you need to do is to let us know that you would like to use the widgets, which ones you wish to use on which pages of your website and we will do the rest. 

We will create the HTML code that can be sent to your website developer to add these to your website.  This is compatible with most website systems.


If your listing on LegallyBetter.co.uk looks something like this:


You could have any and all of the 5 widget options below displayed on your site:


The two options on the left relate to the number of your clients who state that they would recommend your services.

There are two options, one large square one in portrait and a smaller landscape option.  The decision as to which of these to use is entirely down you you.

They can be used within the text of a website page, in the website column or at the bottom of the page.  if you have a long page you may even wish to use the widget more than once on the same page, for example once at the top and at the bottom.


The second option in the range of Widgets is the average rating – this is the average of all of your star ratings and again there are two options, portrait and landscape.




Finally there is an option to have a scrolling testimonial block that is normally displayed in the website column.  The width, height and the number of testimonials displayed can be changed, as can the refresh frequency.

It is normal to make the testimonial Widget the last item in the website column to accommodate long and short testimonials without them looking inappropriate on the page.


You will need to tell your website developer which widgets you would like to appear on which pages of your website.  Your web developer will then be able to place them on your site as per your requirements



For more information on using widgets on your site please email Legally Better at enquiries@legallybetter.co.uk or call Legally Better on 01606 800 201.


Feedback, Referral Request and Reward System Plug In API

Plug-In API

The Plug-In gives you all the advantages of our FBR3 system, on your own existing website.

  1. Gather feedback on your website and/or on your listing on LegallyBetter.co.uk
    1. Your web developer will need to create a webform on your website that can be edited so that it…
      1. Uses the same questions as those asked on your listing
        1. Note that the core questions cannot be changed, but other questions can be added if required.
      2. Is styled to your requirements to be in keeping with the styling on your site.
  2. Feedback gathered on your listing will be displayed on your site and vice-versa
    1. If all is set up correctly this will happen automatically
  3. Allows you to use the Referral, Request and Reward system to automate referral requests and incentives.  This is optional.  You can choose just to collect feedback without requesting referrals and/or issuing rewards.
    1. Once feedback is submitted, and provided that the user provided an email address and said that they would recommend your business, the site will automatically send them an email to thank them for their feedback, and request the details of who they would recommend you to. 
    2. If the user provides details of someone who they think could make use of your services, the system will automatically send an email to this person.  This email will include the feedback provided by the person recommending you to them, as well as a voucher for an incentive to give you a try.  The reward is optional and can be edited as appropriate for your business.  E.g. a restaurant may offer a free drink, or a legal firm may offer a free initial consultation etc.
      Note: the system will only offer a voucher if this is the first time this person (email address) has been referred.
    3. If the voucher is redeemed then the person who initially left feedback and made the referral will receive a further email to thank them again and to offer them a voucher as thanks (again option and can be set to offer the reward you specify).  This is an incentive to recommend more people and get more rewards.
  4. Allows you to moderate your feedback i.e. choose whether it is made visible to the public (published) or not.  You can also add a comment to feedback to show it has been looked at and, where necessary, acted upon.  Visible feedback will be available on the Feedback page of your website and when ‘More’ is clicked on it will be shown in full.

  5. Allows you to promote particularly good feedback making it more prominent on the site.

This also allows you to have feedback displayed only in relevant areas of your site.

  1. Promoted feedback can be set to display on the site in a variety of ways including….
    1. Blocks – these can appear in any number of places. You will need to discuss this with your website developer and confirm where they should be added.


Mid copy feedback – this is quite clever but requires a bit of setting up by your website developer.  This allows you to add a line of html code (a token) in the text on your site that will automatically look for promoted feedback that is relevant to that page.  So if the page relates to bookkeeping services it would show only feedback from those who used this service.  If set up correctly, and if sufficient relevant promoted feedback is available, it will show a different item each time the page is refreshed.

6. Allows your site to display a summary of all the feedback received.  This is a block that would need to be added to your site by the website developer so you will need to discuss this with them and let them know where you would like it to appear.

For more information on using plug-ins on your site please email Legally Better at enquiries@legallybetter.co.uk or call Legally Better on 01606 800 201.


Feedback, Referral Request and Reward System

FBR3 website

If you do not have a website or a satisfactory working relationship with your current web developer and wish to discuss the benefits of having a new site commissioned with all of the Feedback, referral request and reward system functionality built in as standard please email Legally Better at  enquiries@legallybetter.co.uk or call Legally Better on 01606 800 201.