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Redbrick Solutions are a privately owned company, established in 2001, with our head office in Oakham, Rutland.  We provide our technology solutions to law firms all over the UK and are happy to say that many of the clients who joined us at the beginning are still with us today!  

In 2001 we launched our innovative case management solution for conveyancers ‘ConveyanceLink’ which quickly became recognised as one of the most revolutionary products on the market.  We were the first provider to deliver automatic SMS and Email updates, 24/7 Online Tracking, Seamless SDLT integration, AML checks and the Pay Per Case business model.  We were also the first case management provider to achieve the Legal Eye Quality Standard and to announce that we would offer integration to both Veyo and Review Solicitors to our clients, at preferential rates.

We used the knowledge and expertise gained to develop solutions that met the changing needs of the modern law firm. The overwhelming request from clients was for a ‘one stop shop’, a product from a trusted provider that met the requirements of not just their conveyancing department but their whole firm – front and back office.


This led to the development of Redbrick Practice Management and later, Redbrick Business Intelligence.  Redbrick Practice Management (or RPM as our clients like to call it!) now deals with any discipline be it conveyancing, probate, family, litigation, immigration and many, many more thanks to its fully customisable workflows, custom fields and custom logic, allowing clients the choice of our 'out of the box' solution or a heavily bespoked solution specific to their requirements.  


We have clients using RPM for the whole range of disciplines they undertake or just for one particular department.  Wherever it is used the benefits are reassuringly the same - matters are handled more efficiently throughout, from sending quotes to file opening, documents, legal forms and billing and each module has it's own discipline specific additions, for example the conveyancing module also includes auto completion of the SDLT and Land Registry forms whilst the probate module produces Estate Accounts to STEP standards and auto completes IHT forms.  


The release of Redbrick Business Intelligence, our legal accounting and financial reporting solution, delivers further benefits as it is fully integrated with Redbrick Practice Management, meaning up to the minute financial information is available without duplication or risk re-keying errors.  The reporting functionality is the most highly developed on the UK market, enabling key stakeholders to access a wealth of business critical information that would usually take weeks to produce and cost thousands.


Redbrick Solutions
Top Floor, 33-35 Pillings Road
LE15 6QF

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