Company / Commercial - Small Businesses

This table shows the businesses providing advice on small businesses and how their customers have rated them.

A small business is most commonly a privately owned corporation, partnership or sole trader. When it comes to what size a business is to be classed as small in terms of government support and tax policyvaries largely depending on the country and the industry. A few examples of the variety are, when you look at Australia, Europe and America.

In Australia a business is classed as small if there are less than 15 employees, whereas in Europe a small business consists of less than 50 employees. When it comes to America it can even depend on which state the business is in, assome states class a business as small if it has less than 250 employees yet others would still be small if they have up to 500 employees.


Businesses can also be classed as small according to sales, assets and net profits. Some common examples of business classed ass small are, hairdressers, restaurants, convenience stores, tradesmen and website development companies.