Criminal Offences

This table shows the businesses providing advice on criminal offences and how their customers have rated them.

A criminal offence is simply put something that is considered wrong and is punishable by law. 

A criminal offence can be carried out by an individual person, groups of people or a company, most crimes can be carried out by all the groups, these can include theft, fraud and blackmail. 

Criminal offences that are more likely to be carried out by an individual or group of people include crimes like murder, rape, kidnapping and GBH.

Whereas criminal offences committed by companies, often refered to as white collar crimes, can include insider dealing, whistleblowing, bribery and corruption.

A criminal offence is a serious chart, whether you have committed the crime or been accused of committing it, you must make sure you get proper representation to ensure you are represented fairly and stand the best chance of revealing the truth. This can also help with the sentence should you be found guilty and charged.