Partnership issues

This table shows the businesses providing advice on partnership isseues and how their customers have rated them.

There are several issues that can arise in a partnership, these can be devastating to the business if not addressed quickly and professionally. Here are some below:

  • One partner feels like they are carrying the bulk of the workload (or a partner is falling down on the job) - This may have happened because there wasn’t an agreement about who would do what. Job roles, access to needed resources, responsibilities and accountability have not been discussed. This willl almost certainly lead to problems.
  • Expectations are not being met - Expectations may be quite different for each partner. When expectations aren’t met, it’s a set up for negative feelings. It’s important that each partner knows what to expect from the other(s).
  • Partner has lost interest in the business or changed thinking - Over time new attractions and options will continue to present themselves to all partners. When a partner becomes disenchanted with how the partnership is going, they are more likely to lose interest over time. .
  • Can’t talk to each other - Communication is so critical to maintaining a viable partnership. When partners get so busy doing their own thing that they can’t find time to sit down with the other(s), they will likely start to feel less engaged. An unresolved issue can also lead to partners being unable to talk about certain things.
  • It’s a wrong partnership - Sometimes the partnership has been a bad match from the beginning, but it was maintained for a variety of reasons. When the primary reason for the partnership was based on personal needs more than on business needs, if those needs aren’t fulfilled, the partnership will flounder. Maybe one partner thinks and acts fast and the other wants to research things in great detail. These people may never be able to function well together. Basic behaviours and traits will not likely change even if the person tries.